Aurora Reinke ​is LHBE's Director of Enterprise Learning, a role in which she is able to combine her expertise in education and curriculum design with years of business acumen in marketing and keen understanding of international culture. Aurora works with both our Professional and Educational clients to develop and implement the solutions identified for their needs, coordinating the efforts of faculty from each of LHBE's four global brands.

Aurora joined Kendall College in March of 2009 as an adjunct professor and made the transition to full-time faculty in January 2010. In April of 2014, she was promoted to the Program Director position.  In that role, Ms. Reinke has revamped the business program and increased the focus on international business as a distinguishing feature of the students, faculty, and curriculum.

Aurora's interest in international business began in her undergraduate program at Georgia State University when she took a global information systems class that included a short term international trip.  Upon graduation with her business degree, Aurora pursued a Masters in International Business Studies with a focus on Latin American studies.  As part of her Master’s program, she became fluent in Spanish and completed a 6 month internship in Mexico City.  She has also studied Portuguese, Italian, and Russian.  

After completing her degree in 1996, Aurora spent 15 years in the software industry, which included international work and travel.  In 2004, she participated in a mission trip to an orphanage in Baja, Mexico.  In 2008, she taught small business management to Hispanic immigrants in the U.S. as well strategic management to business owners in Chernihiv, Ukraine.

In 2013, Aurora was invited to lecture on her doctoral topic of corporate responsibility, at several universities in Brazil.  She has also recently traveled to France and Germany to promote Kendall College’s business program.


Enterprise Learning

Aurora Reinke